No. We are required to report all donations to the State Board of Elections and this information is publicly available including: donor name, address, phone, and email; donor employer and address; and gift amount.

Contributions made to political campaigns and political action committees are not tax deductible and are reported to the Board of Elections. A copy of the MPT-PAC report is filed with the State Board of Elections in Lansing, Michigan.

Every contribution is important. Even small contributions of $5 to $10 can make a difference.

Donate to MPT-PAC Here or send a check payable to MPT-PAC, 124 West Allegan Street, Suite 1900, Lansing, MI 48933.

The MPT-PAC is not supported by APTA Michigan membership dues. APTA Michigan legislative successes are funded entirely from donations to the MPT-PAC.

The committee assesses the previous track record of the incumbents such as accessibility to MPT-PAC and APTA Michigan leadership and our advocates, whether they carried legislation on behalf of physical therapy, or if they spoke in support of physical therapy bills. If the incumbent had any committee assignments and leadership positions is also taken into account.

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